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Lathom Students Take Part in Lancashire Book of the Year Event

Lathom Loves Books! (and biscuits…)
Lathom High School students visited Kirkham Grammar School recently to take part in their 4th Lancashire Book of the Year event, giving our students from 9x1 English the chance to choose and debate their favourite books from a pool of recently published novels. The event allowed Year 9 students to whittle down a selection of 60 novels to one - the Lancashire Book of the Year.

Four 9x1 students represented the views of their peers at this year’s first LBOY event. The meeting was held at the prestigious setting of Kirkham Grammar School, where Leah Kennedy, Leighonnie Cavaghan, Ged Bailey-Battell and Jamie Dickinson shared their class’ opinions on the novels they’ve been busily reading and reviewing since October last year.  The students did a fantastic job of promoting Lathom’s favourite books and putting forward alternative views to those presented by other schools.  The students really enjoyed the debate - almost as much as the shortbread and hot chocolate!  A big thank you to the Kirkham staff for their hospitality!

The next meeting will take place in March, by which time 9x1’s top six books will have been chosen and submitted, ready for the shortlist to be put together.  Our team of representatives will then go to Preston County Hall.  At the event, the students will be given a chance to meet Nathan Parker, author of 2019’s shortlisted The Disappearance of Timothy Dawson – an opportunity they’re really looking forward to.

9x1 English teacher, Miss Sherborne, who accompanied the students said, “The group were amazing ambassadors for Lathom today. They were articulate, engaging and confident. I very proud of what they achieved – congratulations to them and to 9x1, whose reviews enabled the group to really contribute to the debate.”
By Jamie Dickinson and Ged Bailey-Battell


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