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Creative Arts

Creative Arts Department Intent

At Lathom our aims in the Creative Arts department are to ensure that in both key stages all students:

  • develop a love for creativity and personal expression
  • develop a good understanding of the skills and techniques that are used in Art, Music and Drama
  • develop understanding of the Arts, through investigation into Artists and practitioners, performance skills and practical skills
  • are equipped with the appropriate skills, subject vocabulary, knowledge and understanding of Art, Music and Drama to be able to study their chosen subject at a higher level

The Creative Arts Curriculum

  • Curricula at both key stages look at the skills and techniques that students will need to be successful at GCSE. The assessment criteria set by our exam board links to all of the work that students study from Year 7 up until the end of Year 11
  • In all three subjects students will be taught with a practical approach, learning new skills, techniques and subject specific vocabulary
  • Students will be expected to perform on a regular basis in both Music and Drama, which will help to develop with student confidence, musicality and communication skills

In all aspects of teaching across both key stages, learning will be embedded consistently by all teachers using the following pedagogy:

  • provide clear learning objectives and success criteria
  • use activities appropriate for the teaching group
  • provide clear instruction for students
  • clearly model the skills and techniques that students will be learning
  • build in opportunities for students to respond
  • provide meaningful feedback
  • periodically check if students have progressed by using appropriate assessment strategies.

In Art, students are given the skills and techniques that are needed to artistically express themselves, whether this is through drawing, painting, photography or other media. From Year 7 onwards students are taught how to use a variety of media and techniques, how to investigate the work of other artists and crafts people, the historical and cultural significance of art and the impact it has on our society. Students will be equipped with the ability to develop their own ideas and voice their own opinion of their work and the work of others.

Learning in Music is based around singing, composing, improvising and playing. Critical engagement and SMSC threads run throughout the Music curriculum with a particular focus on what music means to us and how it can make us feel. In Key Stage 3, we explore the key skills of performance, composition and listening through various styles, genres and instruments. As students progress, we seek to enrich their love of music through further development of the key skills using a variety of ensemble and solo works. 

Drama at Lathom enables students to develop their understanding of the world, relationships, culture and society. It is a mirror for real life. In Drama, students work collaboratively with others, explore moral and ethical issues and develop a range of skills that help them to communicate with an audience. Through Drama, students learn to become confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Key Stage 3

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 receive two 60 minute lessons of Art, one Music and one Drama a fortnight. Homework is set on a termly project basis. Students are taught in mixed ability groups. Progress is tracked and monitored in accordance with agreed procedure. Students complete a baseline assessment on entry in Year 7 and will complete three practical assessment pieces per year.

Key Stage 4

At KS4 we currently offer GCSE Drama, Art and Photography. 

GCSE Drama (Edexcel) comprises of three units of work, creating performances (both devised and scripted), live theatre review and study of a play (chosen by the teacher).

GCSE Art/Photography (AQA) comprises of two units, one unit consists of two projects. One teacher lead project and one independent project, where students will be given free choice to choose their own theme. The second unit is an externally set exam, where students will create a project based on one of seven themes that has been set by the exam board.

Enrichment Opportunities

Lunchtime Art club
Crafting club
Photography club
Drama club
Drama productions
Keyboard club
Guitar club
Choir – when allowed to run again
Creative Arts London trip
Theatre trips

How to Support your Child’s Learning

Support your child with homework. Encourage them to enjoy and participate in creative activities at home or in organised groups/clubs outside of school.
Actively take part in creative events close to where you live for example, visiting galleries, attending musical events or festivals or watching a live production of a play or musical. 
Encourage a new hobby like singing, learning to play an instrument, drawing, painting or acting.


Where to go


Liverpool Tate Museum

Walker Art Gallery 

Museum of Liverpool
Manchester Art Gallery


Music/Drama Performances at: 

     Liverpool Empire
     The Lowry
     Palace Theatre
     Royal Exchange
     Bolton Octagon 

What to watch

Project Runway – look at the world of fashion, how clothes designs are made from start to finish
Work of Art: next great artist – a great competition/TV series where people of all ages, gender and ability compete to become the next great artist. Each week the competitors are given a different technique/media or style of art that they need to master
Ink Master – watch tattoo artists in action, from designing their tattoo based on their clients wishes to creating the finished masterpiece
The Great British Sewing Bee – another great competitive TV series where people compete against each other to make the best sewn item – from cloths to bedding and everything in between
Face Off – this competition style programme looks at theatre and film make up, with contestants trying to create the best look. From special effects to theatre and stage makeup, an interesting watch for those who are interested in both Art and Drama.
The Proms Concert Series – the BBC hold different musical events each year from July to September. These can be viewed on TV, BBC IPlayer and archived footage from previous Proms and events can be viewed on the BBC Proms website.
The Get Down – a Netflix series about the rise of Hip Hop and Disco in America.
20 Feet From Stardom – an Oscar winning film, that looks at the backup singers who support some of the world’s most famous musicians.
Any TV drama or series – drama is seen in every TV series, drama and film – try to watch a variety of different genres to see how they compare against each other and how they are acted out e.g. romance, horror, thriller, mockumentary etc. 
National theatre productions (on line) – the national theatre showcase a lot of their productions on their website for free, check out the website and see some live theatre for yourself.

What to read

We Are Artists by Kari Herbert 
The Art Book by Phaidon
Art: The Definitive Visual Guide by Andrew Graham Dixon
The A-Z Great Modern Artists by Andy Tuohy
Variety of plays – we recommend: Our Day Out, Blood Brothers, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Crucible, Girls Like That, DNA, A Taste of Honey.
Music Theory for Dummies by Holly Day and Michael Pilhofer
Theory and Technic for the Young Beginner by James Bastien
Rolling Stone magazine


BBC Bitesize

Future Careers

• Actor
• Musician
• Singer
• Choir Master
• Animator
• Art Therapist
• Broadcast Presenter
• Film Maker
• Director
• Producer
• Prop/set Designer
• Fashion Designer
• Tattoo Artist
• Community Arts Worker
• Conservator
• Dancer
• Drama Therapist
• Music Therapist
• Illustrator
• Car Designer
• Graphic Designer
• Teacher
• Game Designer
• Makeup Artist
• Gallery Curator
• Photographer
• Musical Director
• Theatre Director
• Choreographer
• Music Tutor
• Theatre Manager

Curriculum Overview KS3 and KS4 -Creative Arts

  • To all of our amazing students starting their GCSE exams this week its time to put all of that hard work to the test, take a deep breath and do your very best. We are all with you, here for you and wish you all the luck in the world #proud #determination #bethebestyou https://t.co/uogEWVkMVY
  • If your son/daughter is due to start with us in September you should have received communication regarding our Transition programme and details of our FREE Summer School available to all students. If you have not received your letter please contact school on 01695 725653.
  • Year 10 students are able to wear the Year 11 Lathom jumper in place of their school blazer after the May half term holiday. Jumpers are available to be purchased directly from SWI online at https://t.co/H3OO63rRNB
  • We are expanding and have a number of opportunities to join our team: Teacher of Mathematics Teacher of MFL Teaching Assistants. Please see our website https://t.co/8v5QYd8FJ1 for more details. https://t.co/iXlgwLJUDb
  • Following discussions with our school bus provider we are exploring the possibility of extending our current bus routes to include Old Skelmersdale and Up Holland. Look out for the questionnaire being sent to you.
  • Congratulations to Mr Paul Dickie on his 25 years service to our school. We enjoyed a celebration with him today before our Governors meeting to express our sincere thanks #PROUD #THANKYOU https://t.co/nIYkCjzxKw
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