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Life at Lathom

Our Life at Lathom offer is intended to give every student a range of wider learning experiences which takes them beyond their own everyday experiences and enables them, regardless of their background, to be socially mobile, culturally aware and well equipped to succeed in life.


During their time at Lathom every student will…


  1. Read a wide range of books
  2. Learn how to speak another language
  3. Participate in an after school club
  4. Face at least one of their fears
  5. Learn and recite at least one poem
  6. Work with students in other years across school
  7. Learn some First Aid/CPR
  8. Learn some sign language
  9. Learn about the work of the Police, Fire and Ambulance Service
  10. Take part in public speaking/performances
  11. Teach something to someone else
  12. Participate in a debate
  13. Provide their opinion about the things we do at school
  14. Take part in a meaningful democratic process
  15. Develop political awareness
  16. Meet people from different cultures and life experiences
  17. Visit a church, mosque and synagogue
  18. Taste food from other continents and countries
  19. Raise money for a charity
  20. Work as a volunteer
  21. Do something special for older members of the community
  22. Learn about our local area and its history
  23. Participate in outdoor learning
  24. Have a residential experience
  25. Visit a beach
  26. Visit a large city centre
  27. Visit an Art Gallery
  28. Visit a museum
  29. Go to the theatre
  30. Experience live music
  31. Eat in a restaurant
  32. Watch a sporting event
  33. Experience a motivational speaker
  34. Visit an FE campus
  35. Experience an interview process
  36. Experience the world of work
  37. Learn how to manage personal finances
  38. Learn how to prepare for their financial future
  39. Learn about and cook healthy food on a budget
  40. Take part in an enterprise activity


  • To all of our amazing students starting their GCSE exams this week its time to put all of that hard work to the test, take a deep breath and do your very best. We are all with you, here for you and wish you all the luck in the world #proud #determination #bethebestyou https://t.co/uogEWVkMVY
  • If your son/daughter is due to start with us in September you should have received communication regarding our Transition programme and details of our FREE Summer School available to all students. If you have not received your letter please contact school on 01695 725653.
  • Year 10 students are able to wear the Year 11 Lathom jumper in place of their school blazer after the May half term holiday. Jumpers are available to be purchased directly from SWI online at https://t.co/H3OO63rRNB
  • We are expanding and have a number of opportunities to join our team: Teacher of Mathematics Teacher of MFL Teaching Assistants. Please see our website https://t.co/8v5QYd8FJ1 for more details. https://t.co/iXlgwLJUDb
  • Following discussions with our school bus provider we are exploring the possibility of extending our current bus routes to include Old Skelmersdale and Up Holland. Look out for the questionnaire being sent to you.
  • Congratulations to Mr Paul Dickie on his 25 years service to our school. We enjoyed a celebration with him today before our Governors meeting to express our sincere thanks #PROUD #THANKYOU https://t.co/nIYkCjzxKw
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