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Mile Run By Radcliffe House

J-Team-feature-image.jpgA mile run was organised by Radcliffe House for a fundraising event and all money raised went towards ‘Jogging for Joseph’.

Below is the reply received.

Hi guys,

We just wanted to put a few words together to express our gratitude with regard to the fundraising you did earlier this year for our little boy, Joseph. 

Once again, we were honoured  that you chose to raise money for Joseph again. Joseph has had a pretty good 12 months since we last spoke to you guys, with a minor blip at the beginning of the year when he spent four weeks in Alder Hey Hospital with complications due to chickenpox. 

With some of the money that you guys very kindly raised for Joseph last year, we bought Joseph a new specialised swing seat as he had outgrown his old one and you can see him in the picture on this email, how much he loves his swing and his funky slippers

We also paid for specialist sessions for Joseph in the house as he doesn’t access school a lot of the time and the sessions have been musical therapy sessions and specialised storytelling sessions off two lovely ladies, which he absolutely loves and these sessions fill his days with loveliness!

Without your kind donations and your hard work during the run, we would not have been able to do these things for Joseph, so we are eternally grateful for the fact that you think of him when fundraising and that you actually go out to make a massive, massive effort to get people to pledge and donate.

We can’t thank you guys enough-you really are all Superstars in our eyes so WELL DONE and thankyou so much!

Kind regards

Joseph Stockton and Family



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