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Student Leadership Team

Welcome to Lathom High School from the Student Leadership Team!

ssat.jpgLathom is a wonderful community where everyone is supported to reach their full potential and discover their aspirations no matter how big. We have outstanding facilities which include excellent sports facilities, a library and fully equipped classrooms.

As part of the Student Leadership Team, our role is to ensure that everyone is nurtured and their views are expressed to help make the school an even better place. You will recognise the team from our badges which state our specific roles.

At Lathom we have very high expectations that students are expected to follow at all times and these include full uniform and equipment and outstanding behaviour in and around the classroom. As students of Lathom we are expected to be PROUD in everything we do to ensure we receive the best learning experience possible.

Overall, we wish you the warmest welcome as you join Lathom and hope you enjoy the next step in your education.

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Thank you
Student Leadership Team


  • Congratulations to you all, but especially our one and only Mr Sheen! @LathomPE https://t.co/06kan1zA0r
  • Congratulations Abbie! @LathomPE https://t.co/6A5fl0z45t
  • It has been fantastic to see so many students taking part in our new extra-curricular activities programme at lunchtime and after school #Proud #stem #teamtech #robotics https://t.co/9X8WcIJMcC
  • We could not be PROUDer of Bradley - a wonderful young man and Year 11 Lathom student Teen saves life of homeless man | Story from Champnews https://t.co/ku6hUFCaHa
  • We could not be PROUDer of Bradley - an amazing young man and Year 11 Lathom student Teen saves life of homeless man | Story from Champnews https://t.co/wsXvnnDNDE
  • **Attendance Reward** One tutor from each year with the highest attendance will win a reward If your tutor group have the highest % attendance you will get first choice on the reward!!! https://t.co/6Dua9aN9bQ
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