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Student Council

The student leadership team consists of three groups:

  • Leadership Team
  • School Council
  • Peer Listening

Leadership Team:

  • Owen - Senior Leader
  • Millie - Senior Leader
  • Caitlin
  • Katarzyna
  • Bradley
  • Austin
  • Lydia
  • Beth

School Council:

  • Archie
  • Sophie
  • Owen
  • Taylor
  • Harry
  • Leon
  • Kayleigh
  • Logan
  • Joe
  • Scarlett
  • Emily
  • Jensen
  • Alice
  • Olivia
  • David
  • Callum
  • Brad
  • Jess
  • Carter
  • Sam

Peer listeners + Transition:

  • Noah
  • Jessica
  • Adam
  • Jack
  • Noemi
  • Isabel
  • Caitlin
  • Emese
  • Leah
  • Leighonnie
  • Its been a brilliantly busy first week Well done to everyone for settling back in - Y11 in assessments & everyone attending all our new clubs. Its also the end of the first week at work for our newest addition - Loki, our Lathom Labrador She cant wait to meet you all! https://t.co/Z9V7EuA4X8
  • Wow! This is amazing. Thank you to Charlee. We cant wait for her to join the Lathom family in September @LathomPE #proud https://t.co/Fu8DN00IA9
  • Alongside the activities our students are taking part in this week in tutor time, today we took some time to reflect on the past year - the challenges we have faced, the people we miss and those we have lost #nationaldayofreflection https://t.co/s3VyEcZZWe
  • Students were fascinated by Rugby player Thomas Minns who shared his mental health story this morning. A huge thank you to @Minnsie1 & @milkeducation for a thought-provoking presentation #mentalhealthmatters #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay https://t.co/ATxHUXvs0N
  • We hope youve all had a lovely Mothers Day See you all tomorrow at 8.45am ready for another busy week https://t.co/ZuQQJpInH0
  • We cant praise our parents, students & staff enough for the way theyve embraced the challenges of the week. Its been such a positive return to school with a real buzz about the place which is a joy to hear! Get some sleep over the weekend and well do it all again next week! https://t.co/eCpo3QG32z
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