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Year 11 Easter Holiday Revision Club

There are many Year 11 revision sessions taking place over the holiday period, please see table below. if you require any further information please contact Mr Sykes



8th April

MFL 10 - 2

I-Media 10 - 2


15th April

Resistant Materials 10 - 2


9th April

Computer Science 10 - 12

History 10 - 2


16th April


Wednesday 10th April

Art 10 – 2

Food Technology 10 - 2


17th April

Drama 10 - 2


11th April

Maths 10 - 2


18th April

Maths 10 – 2

Art 10 – 2


12th April

Science 10 - 2


19th April


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  • Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and a lovely Easter holiday! School reopens on Tuesday 23 April at 8.45am. See you then! https://t.co/m3A1TOmehd
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  • Games room time https://t.co/WDjfNeHcnP
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